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Rithy Thul
·Nov 25, 2020·

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The easiest way to live is by following trends, but the most meaningful way to live is to set new trends.

The artist who makes music to fit what is popular for audiences may find quick, short lasting fame.

Talented artists who make music that penetrates the heart, causing their audience to think about life are often not recognized by popular culture.

Most people don't like change or thinking too deeply, but those embrace change and deep thinking will become the new ambassadors for music, because they understand and believe their message.

When artists gain momentum and achieve critical mass, the exponential growth can happen seemingly overnight.

As it is for creating music so it is for creating and presenting other products.

A product following established market trends but not solving any particular problem or need may become an instance success, but such success is often short lived.

A product that educates and enlightens its users, causing them think and improve their lives might be overlooked as not very popular at first.

Products that set and establish new trends, solving old and new problems, will always start out small before the momentum grows and critical mass is reached.

Improving lives is a big part of what we do, whether making music to tickle listeners ears, or making products to improve users lives.

When critical mass is reached, big rewards are soon to come.

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