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Become Important by Thinking Your Work Is Important

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·Nov 21, 2020·

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Become Important by Thinking Your Work Is Important

It's not fair that some people are being treated more important than others. In fact, few people are treated as VIP, while many are treated like nobody. Though, life isn't fair — throughout the history of humankind.

The reason that some people are treated as VIP is because either they think important of their work or people think they do important work, or they think their work is important.

This short essay, we are going to discuss the thinking part. I don't mean that you have to have people escort you everywhere you go to like politicians to be counted as important. I meant more people who live free and achieve more in life, while many are struggling day-in-day-out.

Some may ask how can a street cleaner or other low skills worker or anyone think their work is as important as politicians, CEO of a big company or someone that is idolized by the public?

We heard stories of a cleaner become a successful business mogul or someone important after long years of hard work. There are legends of many inspirational stories as well as real stories about similar cases. Sadly, there are not many who could make this miracle happen as the story is told. Nonetheless, there are some who do once in a while.

If we study their bios and stories of those who made it, we might find some common facts and few we could agree on which are their thinking, drive, and vision to be better or breakthrough or breakaway. Either to better him/herself and/or society, their workplaces and their particular condition. Almost all of them think mission first and live being selfless. They want to help others, not to reform but to relief; pain or suffering of their fellow human beings, animals or nature.

This kind of person will be successful in almost any kind of work they do, regardless of the circumstances they are in and era they were born in or country they live. Mainly because of their mindset. They think their work is important and they think it is important to themselves. And because of their mission driven and progressive mind, people trust them and more importantly want to work with them and be around them. They are attracting good people to work with them.

I take this way of thinking into my own work and life. The work that we decided to do is a lifetime commitment. What we do is part of our life, that is why they are important.

For example, the work we are doing at SmallWorld is very important because it helps nurture a vibrant startup community in Cambodia, we invest lot-of-time and resources to those who think important of their work and mission. We believe they are the driving force for future progresses.

We think KOOMPI's work is crucially important because it helps pave a new avenue and provide tools to support more lives to join the innovators playing fields and contribute to the development of society progress in both technology side and human side, not only a mere user that would be taken advantage of by greedy corporations.

We also believe that the work we do at VitaminAir is very important because we prove how the world should be working with nature, not against her; yet can still have economic prosperity with great future outlook.

As for Selendra, it is a very important piece of puzzle that we have been trying to put together how all of our work could be incorporated like a bicycle wheel that contains spokes, hub, rim and all necessary parts to make it run smooth on almost any condition of the roads. Selendra will bring the abstract of #Blockchain to a clear sight and easy to understand by a new generation of developers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

The Grood project is also very important, because it will help mobilize a greener transportation in the country that will become much more populated and will have worse traffic as well as taking part in designing and pushing for a better city for people, not for machines and big buildings.

When you read this part you may ask yourself, are they the jack of all traits - want to do so much while achieving none. If you do feel like so, we respect your feeling, we won’t blame you for that. We also don’t claim that we will achieve all we set, but what we can claim is that we give our best and do it all the way.

I have learned this mentality from my run 9 years ago, when I ran from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. It was not about arriving in Phnom Penh. It was more about learning how to endure the run, and putting one foot in front of the other other every time I need to take a step.

These works are important to me and to our team that are working on them. I am very proud, honored and feel so lucky for being part of these exciting and unlikely odds and hard projects. We have many passionate individuals who learn to love and value their works by incorporating their vision into the common visions and vise versa.

I am thankful to them for their dedication, commitment, and the pursuit to do the difficult tasks, go extra hours and yet still have fun riding the wave of up-and-down.

Thank you for reading. I do hope you find your work as important as we with ours. If more people think their work is important, the world could be more hopeful, cheerful, joyful, and tasty.

Have a good weekend.

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