SmallWorld and Its String Theory

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Brief History

In 2009, I created a few Facebook groups for an experiment. At the time, I was excited about Linux and google drive as well as attempting to do something in Business Incubation Cambodia. I called it BIC, though I had...

Rent Without Border

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A trustless automobiles and equipments rental

It's all start with issue of renting a motorbike during my short break in Kampot. 

I took a short break after being sick of Phnom Penh and stomach problem. Normally, I would take my bike from Phnom Penh or renting...

Breathing Exercise

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There are many different breathing exercises. To get the most benefit, breathing exercises should be practiced every day, preferably not immediately after eating or on an empty stomach.

Abdominal Breathing Technique

Breathing exercises such as...

My food diet situation

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This is a note to myself. Foods are to be consumed in moderation when following an acid reflux diet:

Fruit - low-acid orange juice, peach, apple cider, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, dried cranberries, grapes


How to unsubscribe Cellcard 10c = $2.50

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I normally don't need 3G everyday when i am in Phnom Penh. Wifi seems to be everywhere I go now. Thanks to Cambodia Internet. 

Lately, I want to try Cellcard 3G. It actually really fast. I admited. Seem like it faster than other 3G telco. Though, your money also flow faster...

Autonomous Robots Does not Need Electricity

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Autonomous robots doesn't need electricity to power, but sleeps to function and recharge.

Autonomus robots known as human or people, was made by a humble inventor under an alias of 'Universe'. The robots then evolve to become smarter through self learned with...

Missing Bicycle Life

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After I got sick and not allow to ride bicycle sometime for now, then I realize bicycle is really a big part of my daily adventure and happiness. 

Startup is fun but its more fun when I can ride bike. When I am stuck, usually from learning new technology or small...

Forgive to Live != Live to Forgive

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The best way to live is to learn how to forgive.

The best way to learn is to live and unlearn.